Professional Pompano Beach Irrigation Installation and System Maintenance

From Do It Yourself To Done By The Experts, Help Us Keep Keep Your Lawn In Great Shape

a sprinkler head adjusted by our Pompano Beach irrigation installation prosYour residential irrigation system is constantly at work keeping your lawn hydrated. After countless cycles and exposure to hard water and the elements, your sprinkler system needs constant maintenance to stay at the top of its game. The Pompano Beach irrigation installation pros offer a range of maintenance plans to keep up the health of your residential irrigation system. Contact us today for a plan that fits your needs and budget.

If you want to help your system running at the top of its game, here are a few aspects of your sprinkler system you should always keep on eye on.

  • Keep your grass cut, and make sure your sprinkler heads are rising well above the length of the grass. You will want to minimize any obstructions to the proper stream of water.
  • If you notice rust stains or hard water deposits on your home, this is both a problem of calibration and a problem with hard water. Give us a call if you are having problems with hard water, we've got a number of solutions to help you out.
  • Manually turn on your sprinkler heads and observe the spray pattern. You are looking for head to head coverage and no misdirected spray. Our Pompano Beach contractors can help calibrate those faulty heads, and replace them if needed.
  • Check on your micro irrigation components if you have them. Misters, bubblers and drip lines can easily get clogged if neglected. Keep an eye out for any neglected zones, and give us a call if you notice a coverage problem.
  • Remember to change your filters as needed. Hard water can clog these, requiring replacement. This is important for the health of your garden.

Keep yourself covered with one of our flexible maintenance plans. Call today for a pressure free no cost consultation.